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MY EXPERIENCE provides me with a unique set of skills and a wide range of inspiration. I have worked in both digital media and print publishing and have
studied Communication Design, Fine Arts, Textile Design and Illustration.

MY PASSION stems from creating thoughtful and engaging experiences that have
the potential to inspire and incite a lasting impact. I especially love designing for children, as I admire their infallible spirit, their unapologetic honesty and their willingness to delve into a world of imagination.

MY STRENGTHS lie in delivering quality results in a deadline-driven environment
and working closely with cross-functional teams. Because of my strong desire to both
teach and learn, I can provide and accept constructive feedback. I'm detail-oriented, focused and organized in my efforts to create high quality products that solve real-world problems. I approach challenges with a solution-driven mindset and never underestimate the importance of an optimistic attitude.

WHEN I'M NOT WORKING... I might be envisioning a new business idea or children's book story, playing street hockey, drawing on-site, volunteering, traveling, doing yoga, taking Continuing Ed classes or cheering for the Montreal Canadiens! | 617 817 9301

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