A science app that explores the potential impact of hereditary traits and environmental variables on a species survival



User can manually adjust the trait setting of each species

User can see the progress of the simulation in the form of data visualization



As part of the middle school science curriculum written by experts at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify designed cross-platform (mobile and web) simulations to help students understand complex concepts and to encourage scientific exploration.


The Evolution Simulation demonstrates how hereditary traits and environmental factors impact a species’ population and also explores the relationship between predator and prey. Students can utilize unique customization and tracking tools to learn how a species can either evolve to survive or become extinct.


My role on this project was to help envision the representation of predator and prey as well as to design the user interface in accordance with an established style guide. I was also responsible for planning and implementing frequent user-testing sessions with middle school students in an attempt to inform our designs and concepts.

Senior Art Director: Thomas Maher

Art Directors: Eddie Peña, Rick Martin

Senior Designer: Stephanie Cooper

Designer: Rosa Gazarian

UX Designers: Justin Marshall, Paul Gates

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