A 4th Grade curriculum unit based on the subject of inventions and designed to be an immersive learning experience




The introduction to each animated episode of Eureka! Student Inventor



Students are quickly introduced to an enthusiastic Jacques Cousteau who greets them with "Bonjour my intrepid little inventors!".


The premise of Eureka! Student Inventor is a reality game show where classroom teams  compete for the top prize (and are also required to save the show from being canceled!). Through these team-based challenges, students learn about important inventions and encounter historical inventors, who teach them necessary skills. Step by step, they learn what it takes to become an inventor.


In my role as Art Director, I established the visual style and lead the design and execution of all the materials for this unit. I was largely inspired by Charles and Ray Eames, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, 1950s game shows, a variety of collage art and historical photos and patents. I collaborated with writers, designers, a character illustrator, a storyboard artist, an animator and a sound engineer to achieve the final outcome. The result was a playful and engaging unit with a unique design approach.


Design Director: Todd Rawson

Art Director: Stephanie Cooper

Designer: Annah Kessler

Illustrator: Tim Chi Ly

Animator: Chris Miller

Storyboards: Eddie Peña

Sound Engineer: Alex Dreyshner


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