A middle school science app that explores the how the body digests and processes food




The retractable side panel allows user to customize the settings and feed the simulation

User can see the progress of the simulation as an active graph



As part of the middle school science curriculum written by experts at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify designed cross-platform (mobile and web) simulations to help students understand complex concepts and to encourage scientific exploration.


The Metabolism simulation explores how different foods break down into molecules and are processed in the body. Students can customize the body type, its activity level and its energy needs. They can also adjust the ratio of protein to starch contained in the foods being eaten, as well as the body’s rate of consumption. Students learn valuable information on how to maintain an optimal energy level and a healthy body.


My role on this project was to help envision the abstract representation of both the internal human body and the digested molecules. In addition, I designed the user interface in accordance with an established style guide.

Senior Art Director: Thomas Maher

Art Directors: Eddie Peña, Rick Martin

Senior Designer: Stephanie Cooper

Designer: Rosa Gazarian

UX Designers: Justin Marshall, Paul Gates

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