A digital library web and mobile app for students and teachers in Grades K-3




Preview of student app

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The Reading Grove is an exciting digital library and eReader app (web and mobile) for teachers and students in Grades K-3. The goal of this product is to allow students to explore their interests through supported reading practice, expand their knowledge in a range of subjects and develop a love of reading.


My role in this project was to lead the art direction and user experience design, as well as help to shape the product vision and features. Our core cross-functional team also consisted of a Product Owner, a Software Engineer and a Project Manager. The foundation of the product included a large digital library and user-friendly eReader, with plans to help facilitate independent reading and small group instruction, as well as teacher tools for classroom management and performance tracking.

Design Director: Todd Rawson

Art Director: Stephanie Cooper

Illustrator: Tim Chi Ly

Designers: Annah Kessler, Ragan De La Rosa

Product Owner: Dai Lin

Developer: Mike Lynch | 617 817 9301

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